Online seminar "Translation in clinical trials – how to avoid mistakes" (13th December 2016)

We invite you to join in our webinar "Translation in clinical trials - how to avoid mistakes". The date of seminar 13 December 2016 from 10.00 to 12.00 Moscow time.​ Upon completion, a video recording will be available for all the attendants. Also, each attendant will be handed a certificate of completion.


Who might be interested?

This webinar will be of particular interest for all who work in clinical trials, but primarily for CROs and drug companies. Upon completion, we will provide tools which will help you facilitate translation and enhance its quality to a great extent.

We’re inviting:

  • - CRAs;
  • - Project Managers;
  • - Biostatisticians;
  • - Medical translators;
  • - Data managers;
  • - And all who deal with clinical trial translations.




Evgeniy Tikhonov, Commercial Director, Apriori.


Eugenia Eryomina, Head of Medical Translations, Apriori. Responsible for all projects in medicine / pharmacy, has 5+ years’ experience of medical / pharmaceutical translations, monitors legislative changes concerned with drug registration.


1. Why do we need translation in clinical trials?

2. What must be translated and what errors may occur in the process?

3. What are the consequences of translation errors?

  • • Misinterpretation of research protocols and records;
  • • Delayed adverse event reporting;
  • • Damaged credibility of the whole study (in case of system error);
  • • Repeated (redundant) translation work;
  • • Delays in drug registration.

4. How to minimize translation errors?

  • • Employment of CAT-programs featuring an automatic translation check of numbers, which allows you to collate original and target documents;
  • • Involvement of a proofreader;
  • • Additional final check of translation.

5. Types of glossaries – why do we need them in translations?

  • • Glossary for RMP (Register of Medicinal Products);
  • • Glossary of abbreviations;
  • • Translation database for active substances and pharmaceutical ingredients.

6. Future of medical translations.

7. Localization of measurement systems.

8. Independent translator vs translation agency - Pros and Cons (Discussion).



  • • First 10 attendants – 2,500 rubles
  • • 11th and further attendants – 3,500 rubles


How to register:

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