Basic GCP course in Almaty (24-25 November 2015)


We would like to invite clinical specialists to the Basic course for Good Clinical Practice (GCP), that will take place in Almaty in 24-25 November 2015. We will talk about main aspects of clinical trials and you can ask any questions. Course will be in Russian language.


GCP sertificate:

In the eng of GCP course all participants will collect Certificate of GCP, that allow to work in Clinical Trials.



GCP course will be lectured by Natalia Khadorich - MD, PhD, leading specialist in clinical trials. 


Programm of Basic GCP course:

Day 1  
10:00–10:10   Perticipants acquaintance. Introduction of GCP course programm. 
10:10–11:30   Types of medical products. Structure of typical pharmcutical company. 
11:30–11:45  Cofee-break
11:45–13:30 Pre-clinical studies of medical drugs. Clinical trials classification. 
13:30–14:30   Dinner
14:30–16:15   History of legal regulation of clinical trials. Declaration of Helsinki. History and goals of GCP rules foundation. What is GCP-English and how to use it?
16:15–16:30  Coffee-break
16:30–18:00   Rights and duties of Sponsors, contract research organisations, investigators and patients. Providing of clinical trials in details. Procedure of informed consent subscribtion.  


Day 2  
10:00–10:30 Providing of clinical trials in details. Initiation visit. Investigator file and different documentation. 
10:30–10:45   Coffee-break
10:45–12:30 Providing of clinical trials in details. Monitoring. Handling and storage of study drug. Rules of CRF completion.
12:30–13:30 Dinner
13:30–15:15 Completion of clinical trial. Finalizing visit.  
15:15–15:30  Coffee-break
15:30–16:30  Serios adverse events in clinical trials. 
16:30–17:00  Control questions. Sertificate issuing. 


Formats and costs of participation:            


Description Intramural course Online-translation Correspondence course
Preliminary preparation no Preliminary testion of sound and video connection no
Where and when can you participate in course? In Crocus Medical audience in any place, but in time of GCP course in any place, in any time
Coffe-breaks and dinner yes no no
Questions for lecturer Presently, verbal Presently, written Correspondence, written
Sertificate issuing  Immediatly after GCP course completion After online-questioning by course matherials, sending by Russian Post  After online-questioning by course matherials, sending by Russian Post 
Cost of participation 21 000 KZT 17 000 KZT 10 000 KZT


How can you register to the Basic GCP course: 

You can register to the Basic GCP course by two main possibilities:

Possibility 1:

If you are interested in participation in GCP course, please let us know by e-mai We will include you in pre-qualification list.   

Possibility 2:

You can sign contact form below and we will contact with you.