For Pharmaceutical Companies

Over the 10 years of operation, we have recruited and outsourced over 200 clinical research specialists, and most of them are currently employed at the largest international pharmaceutical companies.  Crocus Medical B.V is operating in conformity with European quality standards, as confirmed by State Labour Inspectorate’s audit. The company’s operations are strictly regulated by standard operating procedures (SOPs).

Personnel Recruitment Alternatives 


  • The successful candidate is employed through Crocus Medical B.V.
  • The trilateral relations between our company, the client company and the employee are regulated by two contracts: the employment contract between the employee and Crocus Medical B.V. and the contract between Crocus Medical B.V. and the actual employer.
  • The candidate works on the client’s premises, under the direction of the client company’s management.
  • Crocus Medical B.V. assumes all financial and legal risks.


  • We select a specialist at the request of a client company in accordance to the stated requirements and criteria.
  • We receive recommendations from his or her previous places of employment.
  • We select candidates based on the results of the interview conducted in Crocus Medical B.V.

Crocus Medical B.V. is the first company in Russia to use the leasing model for clinical research personnel outsourcing.

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