About us

Crocus Medical B.V. was founded in the Netherlands in 2004. In addition to organization and conduct of clinical studies, we recruit and train clinical research specialists, as well as connect them to jobs in pharmaceutical companies. Over the years, we have created a unique pool of specialists occupying various positions in clinical research.


Our advantages



Conduct of clinical trials

We are actively engaged in various international clinical studies (phases II, III and IV). Among our sponsors are leading international pharmaceutical companies developing brand-name and generic drugs.

Expertise in clinical trials

Trainings and seminars


Outsourcing and recruitment

Over the 10 years of operation, we have recruited and outsourced over 200 clinical research specialists. As of today, most of them are successfully working at the largest international pharmaceutical companies.

For pharmaciutical companies

For clinical trial specialists


Training courses

Clinical research specialists continuously develop their professional qualification, and for that reason we deem an equally important field of work organization and conduct of professional training courses. Our business contacts enable us to bring the European pharmaceutical industry’s best trainers to Russia.


Contact Us

Telephone: (495) 917-88-83, (495) 917-45-61

E-mail: gcptrial@crocusmedical.com